Garvikstrondi Camping is a 4-star family camping (according to NAF-standards) situated in spectacular natural environments on the west side of the Seljord Lake (Seljordsvatnet).


You find us within a distance of 20 km from Bø Sommarland in Bø, 10 km from the community centre Seljord, and 25 km from Lifjell alpine resort.


The area of the campground goes all the way down to the shores of the lake, and if you have the courage to swim with the famous sea monster, we offer a beach with water activities for children as well as adults.


 Garvikstrondi Camping offers activities for the entire family. The beach with a playing raft and diving tower are obvious choices when the weather is nice.If you want to rent a boat for fishing, we have personnel that know the area and have competence in the choice of spots and fishing gear.

Should you be interested in visiting some of the many tourist attractions Telemark can offer, we will be more than willing to give you suggestions and advices for places to visit.


Telemark is a beautiful county with great variations of sceneries, which in addition to many popular and well known attractions is offering great areas for excursions, for the well trained hiker, as well as for those who just wants to sit down and enjoy the peace by a lake.


Use our Order Request Form to contact us for booking, and go to our price list for updates prices.

How to get here

From Bø you follow RV36 for about 10 km towards Seljord, and turn left at the sign for Garvikstrondi.


From Haukeli you follow E134, and turn right at the sign for Garvikstrondi right before you reach Seljord.


From Notodden you follow E134, and turn left at the sign for Garvikstrondi right after Seljord


…then you just follow the road until you see our sign.